The enterprise value in assessing the cash flow discounting method

Askarova Zh.A.

  • Ж. А. Аскарова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Estimates of the rights of the owners of the company, is the primary indicatorof the company’s profit potential over time. The income approachis the basic principle is the principle of waiting. Method of discountingfuture revenues, as the present value of the future income from the acquisitionof objects, successfully used for the assessment of real estate. Thebenefits of real estate transactions in the future, future revenues and reversyan time in the form of income during the period of ownership, ie the profitfrom the sale of the property at the end of the period of ownership.The enterprise value - the amount of income for several years and calculatedas the difference between the amount of the borrowed funds areinvolved. Generates future income, expenses and cash flows. Future costsand the results of the evaluation of the company is to be determined withinthe reporting period and the amortization horizons. Computer horizonsmeasured by the number of steps of the calculation. Discounted cash flowmethod, the assets of the enterprise value of their cash income is measuredby the ability to import.Key words: The income method, real estate prices, the estimated value,сapitalization rate.
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