Problems of project management in the hotel business in a pandemic




Project management is a prerequisite for the company’s sustainable development. The pandemic
caused great damage to the hospitality industry, so hotels began to develop separate projects to implement
anti-crisis measures.
Project management is not only a tool for achieving business goals, but also a mechanism for the
strategic development of the company. This is due to the fact that the achievement of strategic goals in
any area is directly related to the effective implementation of individual projects.
The purpose of this study is to substantiate the importance of project management as one of the
directions of anti-crisis measures of the hotel business in the context of a pandemic, to determine the
level of maturity of project management and to form the practice of project management in the activities
of Kazakhstani hotels. The article considers the activities of hotels in the southern regions of the
Republic of Kazakhstan. The results of the study showed that the experience of project management in
hotels has not yet been formed, respectively, the success of implemented projects in risk conditions is
reduced, so there is a need to introduce a project management maturity model as an evaluation tool. The
most frequently used tool in the hotel business is the holding of morning meetings and meetings, and
the identification of risks was in the last place. The tools of the planning process group are of paramount
importance in this industry. The selected tools are combined into project management process groups
and a project management practice for the hospitality industry has been developed.
Key words: project management, hotel business, pandemic.