Open government as the main aspects of evaluating the effectiveness of interaction between a state body and citizens


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The article analyzes the activities of central state bodies and local executive bodies in the direction
of “Open Government” to assess the effectiveness of the interaction of the state body with citizens. The
study uses the method of content analysis, a sociological survey and the method of building a “Problem
tree”. The theoretical, methodological and informational base of the research was the works of scientists,
reports of the Accounting Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the private foundation “Charitable
Foundation “ZOR-RUKH” and the public foundation “Center for Applied Research Talap”. Based on the
results of the study, we have developed recommendations for transparency and accountability of state
bodies. According to this approach, it is proposed to develop the concept of “Open Government” with
broad involvement of civil society. Improve the work of the Open Government portal with the use of
modern communication channels to ensure uninterrupted and free access to government information for
stakeholders. Secondly, proposals are made to improve the assessment of the degree of openness of the
state body. In this regard, it is proposed to introduce the following changes in the methodology for assessing
the effectiveness of interaction between a state body and citizens: according to the “Open Data”
criterion, a qualitative indicator should be introduced that ensures the reliability and validity of published
data; According to the “Open normative legal acts” criterion, an indicator that evaluates the number of citizens who took part in the discussion of projects, the share of proposals accepted from them; To
avoid formalism when conducting Internet conferences and online broadcasting of open meetings, it is
proposed to evaluate the “Open Dialogue” criteria by the number of participants, views and comments.
Key words: open government, open dialogue, opens budget, open data, open regulatory legal acts,
evaluation of the effectiveness of the state body.