The concept of entrepreneurship in a risky situation, its essence and peculiarities


  • R. D. Doszhan Әл-Фараби атындағы Қазақ ұлттық университеті
        86 63


entrepreneur, businessman, small and medium enterprises, business risks,


Entrepreneur is a public person who in the course of his/her economic activity contributes to the development of society and is willing to risks, failure and losses in order to get profit or pursues innovation, development, and further increase in profits by mastering the tools and ways of development. In many cases, the terms «business» and «entrepreneurship» are used in the same meaning. To call a person who has a profitable business as «entrepreneur» in one case and to call him as «businessman» in another case is correct too. Although these terms have some similarities it is reasonable to presume that they have significant differences. On the basis of the aforesaid, it is possible to determine the difference between the terms «entrepreneurship» and «business» or «entrepreneur» and «businessman» as follows: Entrepreneur ıs a person who has special organizational and management qualities, pursues to innovate his/her activity, understands particularly the process of thinking and record keeping, approaches the manufacture of products and the provision of services with the sole responsibility and is not about to take any chances and risks to get profit


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