Foreign experience of small and medium-sized enterprises in managing innovation activities


  • D. Aibossynova Kazakh University of Technology and Business, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

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The article considers the international experience of managing the innovation activities to small and
medium-sized enterprises (later - SMEs). The analysis shows that despite the presence of certain disadvantages,
in foreign practice the SMEs are considered as the main source of innovative development of
the economy, due to the preponderance of the advantages of these businesses. Studying the experience
of innovation activities of countries involves identifying the main processes of updating the economy of
Kazakhstan and guaranteeing its confident entry into the world community.
The state level is a national innovation management system, consisting of many elements, such as:
regulatory, financial, economic, organizational, social, etc. The task of the state in implementing the
management of innovative activity of SMEs is to maintain a flexible balance between state regulation
and free enterprise initiative. In other words, in providing effective, market and competitive conditions
for the development of the innovation market, while carrying out the necessary functions of state regulation.
It must be a dynamic process that is responsive to market changes. This is manifested in budget,
grant, project, program and targeted financing, state stimulation of innovative technologies within the
framework of the state order for innovative products and the provision of tax benefits for SMEs whose
activities are aimed at research and development (R&D) and innovation.

At the entrepreneurial level, the existing traditional administrative methods for managing the activities
of SMEs will not be sufficient, since intellectual and knowledge will be the determining resources
here. The use of human intellectual abilities in the creation of innovations in order to enhance the competitiveness
of SMEs is the main function of innovation. To manage such a resource, it is necessary, first
of all, to create an innovative environment for it in which subjects of innovative small and medium-sized
businesses operate.
Key words: international experience, innovation activities management, small and medium-sized
enterprises, governmental support, innovative enterprises.