The program “National IPO» in Kazakhstan: Opportunities and Risks

B.M. Alieva

  • Б. М. Алиева Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


This article presents the objectives, opportunities, risks, and examples of the IPO. The experienceof the Republic of Kazakhstan in conducting “National IPO» program is ambiguous. Due to the underdevelopmentof the stock market, the citizens prefer the banking sector. To change this situation, it isnecessary to show the possibility of participation in the IPO. Acquisition gives investors certain rights,but also an additional source of risk. Before deciding to participate in the “National IPO» should carefullyevaluate the opportunities and risks. The work is considered one of the most attractive ways of attractinginvestments for the further development of “People’s IPO». The reasons, goals and objectives of theprogram “People’s IPO». The work in the analysis of national experience as an example of the IPO, inaddition to the main problems identified opportunities and “National IPO» program of proliferation risks.As an example, for the adoption of investor decision on participation in the program “People’s IPO»,the dynamics of individual financial indicators of JSC «KEGOC» - the company for the management ofthe national electric power grid, which is the system operator of the unified electricity system of thecountry. The mechanism of realization of the IPO and the conclusions. The program “National IPO» hasits positive and negative sides. In the future, the future of this program attractive to participate, but thisrequires the initial impetus to the development of the initiative among the citizens of the future “people’sshareholders.”Key words: investment, shareholders, investors, the stock market, classic IPO, «People’s IPO».
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