Creating an attractive investment climate and increasing innovation activity in Kazakhstan

  • U.K. Shedenov
  • G.B. Asanova


Currently, investment and innovation processes carried out in Kazakh­ stan, as the basic premises of socio – economic development, are the root cause of the successful implementation of reforms in the country.The new strategy of development of Kazakhstan till 2050 provides for the establish­ ment of priority conditions for the development of competitive economy, social policy, industrial high­tech sector.Here, the main task – not only to attract money into the country, and the involvement of technology, and secondly, is now characterized by the formula «the exchange of raw ma­ terials technology».
An innovative economy is built through the creation of new markets. Ideas in new markets, development, intellectual property, product innova­ tion replaces the old structure of the economy and transferred to a new quality.


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