Analysis ofindustrial and innovative developmentof the economyof Kyzylorda region

  • A. Azhmuhamedova
  • S. Masakova
  • R. Seilhanov


Given the importance ofinnovation developmentin this case, primary processing and storage of agricultural products, fuel and energy complex, chemical and petrochemical industry, production of new materials, com­ munications, transport and communications,innovative projects inareas such asbiotechnology,forKyzylorda regionplays a special role.Creation ofinnovative businesses isdue tomanydifferentreasons.Internal causes­ directly related toentrepreneurial curiosity, pursue the goal of creating­ newproducts and technologies;the newexpansion of the range; increase in sales volume; the creationof the “innovator”, etc. External causesreflect themoodof the environment,that is, thetendencyof transformationinto a newtype of entrepreneur.


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