The current state of small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and hampering of problems to the development

  • D. M. Kangalakova


The development of small and medium-sized businesses today is the driving force behind the accelerated growth of the economy. It is impor­ tant for the restructuring of industry, trade and services, create new jobs and, consequently, serves as a source of sustainable development, pov­ erty reduction and civil society development. As practice shows, only ad­ ministrative measures are insufficient for market expansion of small and medium enterprises. The need to study the changes in the institutional environment, methods of evaluation of entrepreneurship development programmes, mechanisms to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship indi­ cators of external and internal environment of the business community is growing every day. Despite the fact that government officials at any level often repeat on support of small and medium business, government action, in its opinion, prove the contrary.
This article examines the current state of small and medium business in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Дула­то­ва­. – 2012. – №1. – С.67-70.
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