Increasing competitiveness through increased product quality in construction

  • G Nurseitova
  • Zh Kurmanalina


The question of the development of the quality of construction in Ka­ zakhstan at the present stage of global theme. Product quality at work construction enterprises important indicators. The problem of the devel­ opment of quality in the construction of a strategic nature and affects the growth of competitiveness of the construction companies. But, at the level of form construction capacity is needed in order to keep the competition of enterprises respectively mission needs, technical base material, knowl­ edge and staff not only initiator within the enterprise must be an effective system of product quality control in construction. Improving the quality of products in the construction of a building affects the development of the enterprise, the introduction of scientific and technological innovation.
In article offers on improvement of quality of construction production by use of hi-tech construction equipment and domestic qualitative materi­ als in the conditions of globalization are made.


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