Risk Management in activity of Transport Enterprise: Expert risk Analysis


  • N. Sh. Alzhanova Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби
        35 224


risk- management, the method of expert risk analysis, quantitative risk assessment, identification of specific risk weights, the overall assessment of risk,


The paper considers the importance of assesment of ability being risky in process of risk management. The theoritical and practical aspects as well as the main features and tasks of method of expert analysis and risk assesment of enterprise in transport sphere. Some organizatioanal preventive measures of enterprise's risks are recommended. In the modern conditions, characterizing unstable environment, in conditions when there is no information about possibility of emergence of risk events and it is almost impracticable the repetition of an economic situation for the businessman in the same conditions, in practice subjective methods of expert estimates, judgments, personal experience of the expert, and also opinion of the fi nancial manager are used. Expert methods of an assessment allow defi ning levels of fi nancial risks in case at the enterprise if there is no necessary information for implementation of calculations or comparisons.


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