Role the state in the investment sphere


  • Sh. Igenbayeva І. Жансүгіров атындағы Жетісу мемлекеттік университеті,


investment, strategy, state programs, economics, investment processes, budget,


In this article the state role in the investment sphere and developments of industrial and innovative strategy of the state is the main question.The state program of RK after the direction industrial иннавационного developments on 2010-2014 is considered. Communications with it regulation of programs on investment tendencies is based according to certain theories therefore in this article it was applied the theory кейнсиана.The theory of the neoclassic on market economy of parity is provided. On Kazakhstan permanent development economy economic basic aim politics execution on nowaday pore investment activity to increase same bends to priority will oblige, lays to sleep. Touch in today’s the state in economy of Kazakhstan investment business the state sticks to белсендендіру in detail examined and advantageous investment politics. In the state mechanisms market, that not formed body of questions in Kazakhstan investment industry economy, state system management to weaken, associated economic role the state on development of country to fall down.


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