Наукометрический анализ литературы по мониторингу проектов


Earned Value Management (EVM) is an approach used to measure and analyze the schedule andcost performance of projects. This study reviews the progress of academic knowledge in EVM by conductinga scientometric analysis of the field and aims to provide an overview of the current state ofresearch and main trends. The research methodology comprises a 4-step framework: search, appraisal,synthesis, and analysis. The science mapping software CiteSpace® and VOSViewer® were used toconstruct and visualize scientometric maps. The findings show that the EVM literature has grown andbecome popular in the last decade. The findings also suggest that the studies shifted their focus fromsimple EVM applications to the ones proposing advanced models, mostly for time and cost forecasting,under uncertainty. The paper summarizes and discusses the main findings from the literature andhighlights the perspectives for future research in the field. The findings of the study will be helpful toproject managers to get necessary insights regarding the management of their projects by the EVMtechnique.Key words: scientometrics, Project Management, project monitoring, Earned Value Management.
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NARBAEV, Timur et al. Наукометрический анализ литературы по мониторингу проектов. Вестник КазНУ. Серия Экономическая, [S.l.], v. 140, n. 2, p. 89-103, july 2022. ISSN 2617-7161. Доступно на: <https://be.kaznu.kz/index.php/math/article/view/2498>. Дата доступа: 12 aug. 2022 doi: https://doi.org/10.26577/be.2022.v140.i2.09.