Activities of Osun Waste Management Agency on Job Creation




Existing studies on waste management agencies focused on sustainable environment, environmental
quality, ignoring the fact that the waste management outlets shoulder a broad class of activities which
invariably create diverse employment opportunities for the populace. This study assessed the impact of
waste management agency on job creation in Osun State. A well-structured questionnaire was administered
to 200 respondents; (50) from Osun State waste management agency (OWMA) and thirty (30) each
from five other private waste management firms registered under them. These were selected through a
multi-stage sampling technique. Data analysis was done through descriptive and regression analysis. The
study revealed that waste storage and collection, waste transfer and transportation, waste processing and
recovery and waste disposal are waste management processes significant (p<0,05), with great prospect
of facilitating employment generation. Our results also found that working condition is positively related
to job creation but insignificant to the study (p>0,05). It was recommended that government should enact
policies that will facilitate and encourage the establishment of waste management plants in all other
local government areas of Osun State that yet to be covered and across the nation as a way of ensuring
environmental management and employment generation in the country.
Key words: Waste, Waste Management, Job Creation, Unemployment.

Author Biography

P. Oyetunde, Osun State University, Nigeria, Osogbo

She is an undergraduate Student of the Department