The concept of fixed assets: the economic essence and the main stages of their reproduction in agriculture


  • Л. Латышева
  • Ю. Склярова
  • И. Скляров

        75 141


The authors systematized the theoretical concepts of reproduction of fixed assets, proposed
to identify the concepts of the theory of the reproduction process, their interaction and difference
in the form of a scheme of interaction of the main categories of the reproduction process.
Having a clear idea of each element of fixed assets in the production process, their physical and
moral deterioration, the factors affecting the use of fixed assets and production capacity of agricultural
organizations highlighted the circumstances that ensure the optimization of production costs and improve
the efficiency of the use of fixed capital.
The hypothesis of this study is the assumption that fixed assets in agricultural production contain different
means of labor. In the process of agricultural production, depending on their functional purpose,
they can be divided into fixed assets for production and non-production purposes.
The purpose of this study is to systematize and substantiate the concepts that determine the economic
essence of the concepts of fixed assets, fixed capital, fixed assets in agricultural organizations.
The scientific novelty of the study is to develop and substantiate the distinctive features of economic
definitions: fixed assets, fixed capital, fixed assets of agricultural organizations in terms of interaction in
the reproduction process in agriculture in order to develop production, increase the efficiency of fixed






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