Modern aspects of Russia’s financial security in crisis


  • И. Таранова Stavropol state agrarian University, Russia
  • И. Подколзина Stavropol state agrarian University, Russia

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There are a small number of highly vulnerable countries, but their economies are weakened
by the slowdown in international trade, rising interest rates, and falling global business activity. It
should be noted that the main task of state policy aimed at ensuring the economic security of the state
is the introduction of measures aimed at ensuring the socio-economic interests of society and achieving
the stability of the national economy, and especially the stability of its financial component, which
is primarily due to the strengthening in the XXI century of the integration and consolidation of financial
markets and the formation of the global financial system. The authors define and classify various theoretical
concepts of financial security as a dynamically developing state of financial processes and economic
relations. The analysis of financial security of the country was carried out – as the most important condition
of formation of adequate strategy of economic development of the territory of the state.
The development of an effective mechanism to ensure the financial security of the state is impossible
without scientific understanding of its economic essence, research and development of methods
of evaluation and revision of theoretical approaches to ensuring the stability and stability of the financial
The scientific novelty of the study lies in the substantiation of the author’s concept of improving the
mechanism of ensuring the financial security of Russia in the economic situation in the country.