Creation of organizational-functional and economic models of the university


  • И. Хан


In the conditions of formation of innovative economy, the main factor of development of subjects of
the economy is the intellectual potential.
The change in the role of knowledge in social and economic development requires a fundamental
change in the function of the social institution of education in the material and spiritual reproduction of
the living conditions of society and man.
The combination of the capabilities of individual subjects and scientific and pedagogical teams
in the implementation of educational, scientific and innovative activities determines the intellectual
potential of higher education institutions, and contributes to the development and formation of an effective
investment policy at individual enterprises, organizations and institutions. One of the main tasks of
regional development and the country as a whole is the creation and development of such an organizational
and functional model of the university that would allow managing the adaptation of education and
science in the emerging competitive environment. It is in such an environment, under the influence of
internal and external factors, the intellectual potential of a modern university, in the unity of its cultural,
educational, scientific and innovative components
The mechanism for managing the intellectual potential of universities should be based on the interaction
of external and internal factors of their current activities that affect the competitiveness of educational
institutions of higher professional education in the market of educational services.