Analysis of Cargo Transportation and Organization of Transport Logistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Г. Сактаганова
  • A. Карипова
  • К. Штайнбергс


In the Address to the People, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted seven key
clusters that determine the long-term specialization of the economy in non-resource sectors.
Among them, transport logistics is noted, which in the future should adequately meet the needs
of the economy and the population in freight transport and successfully compete in world markets.
Transport is an important part of the market infrastructure and economic base of the state as a whole. The purpose of the study is to analyze the freight transport logistics and organization of
the country. In the Kazakhstan market, one of the most common branches of the transport system
is rail transport. For transportation of passengers and cargoes of “NC” JSC “ Kazakhstan Railway
“uses rolling stock and other railway wagons inventory administrations and the private rolling
stock operating companies. In this article, the structure of the railroad railroads in the interconnected
and exporting sectors is represented. The analysis of the dynamics of the main indicators of
the transport logistics of the country: freight turnover and passenger turnover. The main problems
in the logistics industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan are considered. The standards of transport
logistics of Kazakhstan are given. Currently, the state plans a full-scale realization of the transit
potential of Kazakhstan, the opening of the new railways. The works on the Kazakhstan section of
the large-scale transport corridor Western China – Western Europe are being completed. Formation
of high-tech international transport corridors “West-East”, “South-North” dictates the need to
create powerful regional traffic control centers.