Favorable economic development environment industrial and innovative infrastructure


  • Е. Әмірбекұлы
  • Г. Укубасова
  • Ж. Райымбеков


The article explores the formation of a favorable economic environment for the development of
industrial and innovation infrastructure. As its main components are determined: legislative and legal
support for economic initiatives, creation of equal conditions for participants in the innovation process, deepening public-private partnership in the implementation of innovative projects, introducing tools to
stimulate the interrelation between science and production, encouraging the identification of non-state
sources of funding, granting tax breaks and vacations, support and development of venture business.
The authors of the article argue that the creation of a favorable economic environment contributes to the
creation of new innovation-diversified, as well as the development of existing elements of the industrialinnovative
infrastructure, including technology parks, technological business incubators, and non-state
innovation funds.