Development and Current Situation of Special Economic Zones in Kazakhstan


  • Н. Юзбашоглу
  • С. Ыдырыс
  • Ж. Кожамбеков
  • Д. Келесбаев


This article has discussed the state regulations of the economy by methods that influence on the
economy and infrastructural organization, adoption of regulatory legal acts and procedures for controlling
finished works, i.e. conditions for regulation of the national economy. History of special economic zones
in Kazakhstan has been illustrated. The first special economic zone’s history and features of recent SEZ that
have been created during 2001-2013 years have examined. SEZs’ helped to create a good environment for
investments. SEZs like “Ontustik”, “Astana – new city”, “IT Park”, “Aqtau seaport”, “Burabay”, “Saryarqa”,
and “Pavlodar” attracted a lot of investment projects. In this article, similarities of creations of SEZ and their
function, their advantages and disadvantages were discussed. During SEZ’s creation history, four significant
changes in Law were adopted. Also, it examined how additions and amendments to normative legal acts
helped to improve regulation of special economic zones. In order to contribute effectively to the national
economy, it has been demonstrated how to use special economic zones as an economic tool.