The quality improvements of accountants educational level in the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Ж. Нургазина
  • A. Булашева


Raising the qualification level of employees in the accounting sphere is an important factor for the country’s entry into the world economic community. Financial reporting is the source of information in any business environment. In modern conditions of economic development, financial reporting plays a very important role, since it acts as the main sources of information for many groups of users. The content and structure of the financial statements in recent years have undergone significant changes. Reporting approximates its parameters to international requirements. At the same time, the process of its improvement both at the domestic and international levels is of a permanent nature. The convergence of the accounting practices of Kazakhstani organizations with world standards is an important condition for the development of international economic relations and improvement of the country’s investment climate. The content of financial statements must comply with certain standards adopted in a particular country. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the international accounting standards have been legislatively approved. But International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are an evolving system and this requires high-level accounting professionals. The existing system of professional development of employees does not fully take into account the specific application of IFRS in practice.