Prospects of development of the market of domestic competitive agricultural products


  • М. Баяндин
  • A. Нарынбаева


Despite the availability of comparative advantages in terms of natural and climatic and resource conditions, the competitive advantages of domestic agricultural production remain insufficient. Competitiveness and sustainability of the agriсultural food market are the basis for ensuring the country’s food security, and the effectiveness of its functioning is determined by appropriate mechanisms of state regulation, protection of domestic producers from external intervention, the availability of necessary infrastructure and a number of other factors.
Prospects for the development of the domestic agrarian sphere in many respects determine the level and dynamics of the competitiveness of products, therefore, for the development of agricultural products, very topical provision, preservation and enhancement of competitive advantages. Important means in the competitive struggle: the use of resources, the rationality of the location of production, the
combination of industries. As a priority in modeling and enhancing competitive advantages in the sectors
of the economy, industry, industry, industry.
Thus, increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products is a significant element of the functioning
of the agricultural food market and the priority direction of state agrarian policy at the current stage,
since it contributes to strengthen food security. This article examines the problems of agriculture and the
main directions for increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products. The article analyzes the state
support for the agrarian sector of the economy, forecasts the development of the crop sector, forecasts
growth in the output of livestock products, and increases the volume of agricultural products for the
period 2018-2021.