The current state of social projection in Kazakhstan.


  • G. Zh. D. B. D. S. Nurseitova Nyssanbayeva Zhumakan Кaзaхский нaционaльный университет имени aль-Фaрaби
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social projection, social programs, strategy, message, employment, roadmap.


The term «projection» is derived from the latin «projectus» – thrown forward; it is – the process of creating the prototype, the inverse image of the alleged or possible object or condition. This is a specific activity, the result of which is a scientific theoretical and practical definition of reasonable options for predictable and planned development of new processes and phenomena. Projection – an integral part of management, which allows for the implementation of manageability and controllability of a process. Social projection – the process of creating the prototype, pre-image of social facilities, social qualities, social processes and relationships. In contrast to the design of these objects, a change which does not take into account the subjective factor in the design of social facilities, this factor must be taken into account. This article discusses the current state of social engineering in Kazakhstan.


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