Prospects of the E-commerce market development in Kazakhstan.


  • Z. I. Akhmetova Kim Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


e-commerce, buying and selling goods via the Internet, computer security, legislation, information security.


The accelerated technological development in the field of information technology has become a prerequisite for an intense build-up of information in all spheres of economic activity. E-commerce is a tool of the informational processes in modern society, which enables efficient operation, promptly reaction to changing market conditions, as well as to expanding the impact of economic entities. In this regard, search for solutions in a sphere of e-commerce development is one of the most important aims to Kazakh information society conformation. This article focuses on the development prospects of e-commerce in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Computer security indicators, the structure of the electronic transactions of goods’ purchase and sale, customer relationship to a segment of e-commerce were analyzed from different perspectives in this work. According to the results of the analysis, main trends of e-commerce market and number of constraints have been identified. The relevance of the study is shown through the program «Information Kazakhstan -2020» and the current changes in the e-commerce legislative framework in connection with the Kazakhstan entry into the World Trade Organization.


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March 24, 2015.