Problems of management accounting improvement of the environmental costs in the production of eco-friendly products


  • S., S., G. S., A., T. Lapbayeva, Satayev, Andybayeva


environmental costs, investor, environmental accounting, ecoprofitability, environmental management, eco-friendly product.


The article suggests the ways to improve the management accounting of environmental costs in the production of eco – friendly products. At the same time it was considered the main task of demand and need improving for products in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. Also, the methods for the integration of environmental costs and the various models of environmental accounting are offered. Because, today environmental accounting is badly needed, as it provides a solution to the problems associated with the environment, life cycle of production of the economy nowadays and in the future, also the problems of ensuring of population’s life period. In particular, for the national security in order to use environmentally sound technology the special attention is drawn to the production of organic food, it has also been considered the main task of environmental accounting improvement of ecologically friendly agricultural products in relation to the environment.