The reception of articles is open


Journal of Economic Research & Business Administration is pleased to announce that at the moment the formation of the 142nd volume No.4 of 2022 is underway. The Editorial Board of the journal asks all scientific authors to STRICTLY comply with all points of the publication requirements

Attention of the authors: submission of scientific articles is carried out only in electronic form in Microsoft Word format and articles sent by e-mail are not accepted.

The editorial board carefully reviews all the manuscripts that he receives. Each article goes through the mandatory stages of selection and verification (preliminary review, expert review, final decision) in accordance with the journal's policy. We ask you to take into account the main conditions for publication: high quality of research content, its high uniqueness and design. This will help us speed up the process of reviewing your articles – from acceptance to publication.

We notify the authors about our decisions on the website (in extreme cases by e-mail), other forms of communication are not used.