System support and main problems of youth entrepreneurship

G.A. Bodaubaeva, A.Zh. Zholdassova

  • А. Ж. Жолдасова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Youth Business plays a major role in solving social and economic problems, such as creating newjobs and reducing unemployment, training of qualified personnel. Empowering and enhancing the impactof youth entrepreneurship necessitates the use of its potential. Youth Business is a significant segmentof the small business. Young people are the most important link in the business environment. Afterall, today’s youth, youth entrepreneurship will shape our country in 10 years, the development of today’syouth business will depend on the pace of economic growth and development of our country tomorrow.Thus, to date, youth entrepreneurship is one of the priorities of small business development in Kazakhstan.Creating an enabling environment to encourage young people to engage in entrepreneurial activityis seen in various programs of national and regional level. Considering the above, the article providespredprinematelstva problems of youth. Special attention is paid to supporting youth entrepreneurship.Key words: youth entrepreneurship, small and medium businesses, a business incubator.
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