Critical issues of agricultural sector development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zhatkanbaуev E.B.

  • Е. Б. Жатканбаев Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


In this article, to the attention of readers presented the question thatthe sale and lease of lands can reveal the pressing issues of the agriculturalsector. The author shows the necessity of different forms of ownershipon the land, including not only national, private, and public lands, landsowned by cooperative associations, cooperatives, private enterprises andresidents of apartment buildings etc. The author believes that distributionof lands to farmers is not the solution of the issue. The main question oneconomic relations in agriculture sector is presence of farmers work equipment.The article shows that all forms of ownership in any state are idletalks. Another important point, according to the author, is the desire andability to work of farmers on their own lands, home gardens, cooperatives.Solution of these issues will determine the real owners of the land. Alongwith these issues should be addressed investment mechanisms and marketingof agricultural products.Key words: land ownership, sale, lease of land, pastures, grasslands,public lands for cattle grazing, the land as a subject and work tools.
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