THE JOURNAL of Economic Research & Business Administration


  • А. Манарбек Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Quality management of education is an innovative path to progress. Effectively operating system ofquality management of education makes the university competitive in the education and labour markets.During the years of independence, Kazakhstani higher school demonstrated flexibility and the abilityto adapt in the most difficult conditions of the transition period. Despite the crisis, it was possible topreserve its intellectual potential, to ensure the accessibility of higher education. The most importantinnovative change in higher education system was the entry of Kazakhstan in 2010 into the Bolognaprocess, and accreditation has become an important and necessary resource to ensure the internationalcharacter of higher education according to European standards. The autonomy of universities within theframework of the Bologna process was realized in the Kazakhstani higher school by refusing in 2012from the State Education Programme Standard and forming educational programs with a high level ofacademic freedom. In the contemporary world, accreditation plays a significant role in the internationalizationof education, since successful accreditation is a proof that accredited degree programme meetsthe European standards. Kazakhstan as a developing Central Asian country is on the way of integratingthe processes of accreditation into the system of education. Hence, this paper discusses the current stateof international accreditation in the country in the case of al-Farabi Kazakh National University and outlinesthe improvements and developments made in the context of accreditation process.Key words: Bologna process, programme accreditation, higher education, quality assurance, Europeanstandards.
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