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Conditions and prospects for the development of small and medium business of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • А. А Жаксылыкова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is taking significant steps to support and develop business. The regulatory and legal framework for improving the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, ensuring the protection of rights and legitimate interests of business entities has been formed. Work is underway to improve tax and customs legislation, reduce administrative barriers and improve the procurement system, and create the necessary investment conditions for entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the existence of support institutions.
Or do not own information about their services. Low awareness of the interested group about the opportunities influences the further development of the business and reduces the level of trust in the support institutions, as the result of the activity is not sufficiently distributed.
The purpose of the article is to identify problems in the development of small and me­dium business in the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of which it is planned to de­velop recommendations for improving the environment for entrepreneurial activity. The objectives of the work are to identify factors that impede the conduct of business, and to study the effec­tiveness of institutions supporting entrepreneurship. Institutions are understood as organizations that pro­mote business activities with different forms of ownership. This is the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (NPP), JSC «Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship» Damu «(Damu), business incubators, and many others. The revealed factors allow to draw a conclusion that institutions for supporting entrepreneurship are very important at this stage of small and medium business development.
Cooperation between business and responsible institutions will help to realize the set goals. Thus, entrepreneurship will have access to the best conditions of activity, and the state has more taxes to the budget, and the solution of many socially significant and socio-economic problems. To date, the problem is that due to various reasons, such as mistrust, lack of advocacy, cultural and behavioral barriers and other people demonstrate low awareness of the activities of business support institutions.
Key words: small and medium business, development of small and medium business, criteria for determining small and medium business, problems of small and medium business.
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