Problems of funds’ formation and use of local budgets in Kazakhstan

Zh.B. Kazbekova, A.R. Rakhimova

  • А. Н. Рахимова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Leading, decisive role in the formation and development of any modern society’s economic structureplays government regulation, carried out within the framework of the chosen economic policy authority.One of the most important mechanisms that allow the state to carry out economic and social regulationis a financial mechanism – the financial system of a society, the main element of which is the state budget.Exactly through the financial system, the government forms centralized and affects the formation ofdecentralized funds, providing the ability to perform functions assigned to public authorities. The valueof local budgets, including both regional budgets and cities of regional importance and areas, can hardlybe overestimated; almost all the activities of providing public services to the population are carried outat this level. The article outlines the basic problems of formation and use of local budgets’ funds in Kazakhstan.In particular, the authors analyze the dynamics of tax receipts and non-tax payments to localbudgets. The article considers the role and economic essence, functions and structure of local budgets.The basic problems of the local budgets’ use are revealed and the ways of their solution are offered.Key words: budget, local budget, regional budget, state budget planning.
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