The meaning and content marketing technology

A.T. Beyzhanova, Z.B. Ahmetova

  • А. Т. Бейжанова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


The article deals with the issues related to improving the efficiency of business entities by technologizingprocess of marketing activities, content and value of marketing technologies at the present stage.Been described importance, content, features and properties of marketing technologies. Are determinedbasic factors underlying the marketing of technology, in particular, crushing the marketing process intoseparate procedures and operations, with the subsequent regulation of performing the procedures andoperations. The special attention is paid to the types of marketing technology. A market is a place wherethe marketing technologies and innovative service strategies start developing. Also in the article thetheoretical aspects of marketing technology tools, including public relations tools, analyzes the methodsof promotion, the necessity of using the theoretical, methodological and administrative principles ofmarketing technology.In the process of writing the article identified the most important characteristics of modern marketingtechniques, such as the orientation of marketing technologies for strategic development. Аlso identifiedthe strengths and weaknesses of the innovative marketing technology.Key words: Marketing technologies, innovation, segmentation, positioning, marketing, new methodsand techniques, technology.
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Management, marketing in a market economy