Forecasting and analysis of energy consumption

N.А. Tovma, А.М. Tleppae

  • Н. А. Товма


Prediction – powerful statistical power management tools in the industry. In this article we examinedtwo complementary statistical forecasting models: the corridor for a few months in advance and amodel for a day ahead. The basis of the energy-saving is the systematic implementation of a wide rangeof technical and technological measures to be implemented in the framework of an optimal power consumptioninfrastructure management procedures at the system level. Energy savings can be achieved byimproving the activity of the administrative apparatus. This article presents the results of the implementationof energy forecasting model, which reduces energy consumption as a whole by more than 20%.Prediction may be performed based on a static model that reflects the process of power consumptionfor the year ahead. Dynamic stochastic modeling allows the forecast for the medium term (5 - 7 years).The main advantage of this approach – is the formation of a fair rate of energy expenditure, taking intoaccount fuel quality, as well as the current state of energy consumption.Key words: energy efficiency, energy intensity, energy policy, energy consumption, the decompositionmethod.
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