Equity audit: challenges and basic verification procedures

S.K. Barysheva, A. Turlibekova

  • А. Турлыбекова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


The article about audit of equity, which includes checking of timeliness and legitimacy of its formation,compliance with its value changing order and accurancy of reflections of operations in accounting.Equity capital is aggregate of assets and funds, investments and costs for the acquisition of rights andprivileges necessary for the performance of its business activities. The financial statements of the organizationmust impartially and fairly present financial position of the organization, results of operations,cash flows and changes in shareholders’ equity and changes in the organization’s own capital. Equityaudit begins with a study of the data of the report on changes in shareholders’ equity in the formation ofthe equity capital, as well as the expression of an opinion on these accounting and financial statementsindicators’ reliability, reflecting the state of the equity.Key words: audit, equity, financial statements, audit procedures, the auditor’s working documentation.
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