Evaluating the effectiveness of the investment project

B.M. Iskakov, A. Zhankarakyzy

  • Б. М. Искаков


In modern conditions the main direction of economic reforms becomes development and implementationof the investment policy of the state aimed at ensuring high growth and increasing economicefficiency. Market reforms of Kazakhstan’s economy requires not only finding new sources of fundingfor capital investment, but also a more reliable assessment of the effectiveness of their use in view ofthe changed conditions. The difference of investment projects from current activity consists in that theexpenses intended for the single receipt of some possibilities do not behave to the investments. Turnsout, an investor is this person that inlays the possibilities for non-expendable, compelling them to workfor creation of new possibilities. An aim must be put exactly, in detail and to assume an unambigiuousanswer only – she is attained or no. Thus trying to get to the aim is possible different ways, and everyway has the expenses. Investing is one of the most important aspects of any dynamic organization, whichgives priority to profitability management from the perspective of long-term rather than short term.Key words: Investment project, risk diversification, organizational and economic mechanisms, environmentalperformance, and foreign investment.
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