Research of innovative activity of enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan

K.A. Kirdasinova , D.A. Seidaliyeva, N.Y. Sargayeva

  • Д. А. Сейдалиева


The effectiveness of the economic policy of the state is the main aspect to the successful developmentof the country in general and its component is industrial and innovation policy.New industrialization of the country at a historic juncture of its formation suggests a new economicsystem, susceptible to upgrading, restructuring, innovation, creation and introduction of new productsand technologies, increasing the competitiveness of production, these aspects led to the research by theauthors. Industrial-innovative policy of the state and the mechanisms of its implementation were consideredin this article. This article deals with the problems of development of business in the Republicof Kazakhstan. Characteristics and natural conditions functioning of small and medium-sized enterpriseswere analyzed in the country and regional level. The article reveals and substantiates the necessity ofstate support of entrepreneurship. Economic evaluation of enterprises activity in Kazakhstan was conductedin the field of innovation. The problems, preventing active innovative development of Kazakhstanenterprises were shown in the article as well. According to the research, the authors proved the maindirections of solving problems of innovation activity improvement in Kazakhstan.Key words: industrialization, innovative development, competitiveness, economic security, innovation,innovation-active enterprises, innovative products.
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