Problems and the prospects of state-private business in the social sphere

Agumbayeva А.Ye., Khassenova K.Ye.

  • А. Е. Агумбаева


Today in domestic economic science methodological problems of theconcept and the strategy of transition to concessions, state regulation ofactivities of the concessionary entities are not solved. Moreover, there is alack of complex scientifically based researches of possible social and economicconsequences. Besides not enough attention is paid to methodicalstudy of problems of cost efficiency of concessionary projects, determinationof spheres of the most rational application of concessions. In thisregard in the conditions of development of Kazakhstan, development ofmethodology of the economic relations, qualitatively new to the country,based on concessions represents an urgent scientific problem. The purposeof this, research consists in determination of problems and the prospectsof development of PPP in the sphere of implementation of social programsof Kazakhstan. For achievement of an effective objective, it is necessaryto solve the following problems: to disclose essence and the main formsof PPP; to analyse the current state of development of PPP in the sphereof implementation of social programs; to characterize the main problemsand ways of enhancement of institutional bases of development of PPP asinstrument of implementation of social programs in the Kazakhstan.Key words: PPP (public-private partnership), social programs, concessions,state programs.
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