Trends transnationalization of the world economy in the context of globalization

Yermekova Zh.Zh.

  • Ж. Ж. Ермекова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


the rapid development of the relationship between the national economyand global economic processes, the essence of which consists in theintensive development of economic globalization. The study of these issuesinvolved a large number of researchers.However, interest in this topic is not only not disappeared, but hastaken on new dimensions. Today, we can speak of two main views: on theone hand, globalization encourages the economy to self-development, asa precondition for the preservation of its sovereignty, but on the other - itis a prerequisite to use the economies of developing countries as a kindof convenient springboard for deployment of new production facilities belongingto the developed countries. And in order to take its rightful placein these circumstances, the company based on global trends and its ownpeculiarities should develop and ensure the implementation of evidencebasedeconomic strategy. The centerpiece of the government’s economicstrategy and business takes transnationalization of capital and labor.Key words: transnationalization, globalization of the economy, transnationalcompanies (TNCs).
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