The analysis of foreign systems of pension provision

Izekenova A.K.

  • А. К. Изекенова


The article discusses the features of pension systems of some foreigncountries - Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the UnitedStates, Japan, Sweden, Chile, and Russia, which represent a combinationof the three main institutions of pension provision. Firstly, social assistanceas a tool to fight poverty in the developed countries. Secondly, compulsorypension insurance to reach the minimum required level of life in old age.Thirdly, individual voluntary insurance as a tool to accumulate funds on avoluntary basis for life support during the cessation of work activity. Alsosynthesized information about pension systems in different countries in theworld. Results of Allianz Asset Management’s research, rated in the indexof pension systems, are also analyzed in article.Key words: a pension provision, the pension system, state pension,voluntary insurance.
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