Life cycle contract as an alternative to traditional public procurement

Yeshimova D.A., Nurseitov A.A., Sherova G.K.

  • А. А. Нурсеитова


Some common applications of public-private partnerships in foreigncountries are transport, infrastructure, health and education. Recently,much attention is paid to a specific type of PPP – life cycle contract (LCC).The adopted in Kazakhstan in October 2015 on public-private partnershiplaw allows the use of LCC. This article describes the features of the lifecycle contract, its advantages and disadvantages in order to improve theefficiency of the public sector and summarizes the practical experienceof the foreign use of the life cycle contract. As the authors of the researchobjectives was determined attempt to assess the life cycle contract as analternative to traditional public procurement. This problem is poorly understoodin Kazakhstan and requires further scientific research. Given thevast territory of the country and especially the development of the subjectsin the article recommends the use of LCC, especially at the regional levelto create a transport infrastructure.Key words: Lifе-Сyсlе Сontraсt, LCC, public-private partnership, PPP,the life cycle of a contract, long-term contracts, contract, public procurement,legislation, state, business, infrastructure, health care system, education,customer, provider, consumer.
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