Analysis of the impact of socio-economic development on the tourism development in Karaganda region

Shayekina Zh.M., Tleuberdinova A.T., Mukanova D.K.

  • А. Т. Тлеубердинова


Incremental rates of social and economical development create conditionsfor realization of own tourism potential which is of primary importancefor regional residents. In accordance with insufficiency of studies connectedwith analysis of interrelation of influence of separate factors on sustainabledevelopment of tourism to conduct correlation studies to identify how tourismdevelopment level depends on social and economical development ofthe region. Authors of given article use regression analysis to identify correlationrelationship. Authors studied the dynamics of social and economicalfigures of the Karaganda region, the analysis of tourism development inKaraganda region was performed, and also assessment of factors that affectsocial and economical development was conducted to define their influenceon sustainable development of tourism. Arranging of factors in accordancewith the degree of influence was performed , assessment of correlational relationshipbetween figures was performed as well. Identified correlation providesan opportunity to forecast one variable on the basis of using anothervariable. Authors defined factors that mostly promote the sustainable developmentof tourism, such as development of agricultural industry, growth ofinvestments into capital assets and growth of earnings of the local populationwhich provide additional local employment, growth of incomings.Key words: sustainable tourism development, correlation-regressionanalysis.
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